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Tenants at main entrance of Muir House
How do you involve family members?

Our sheltered housing tenants live independent lives and we respect entirely their decisions regarding family members. Every family is different, some tenants have family close by and see them every day, others less frequently. But, as with care arrangements, there are no rules about who can come to visit or how often, it’s entirely a tenant-led decision.

Both Muir House and Priest Croft have a guest room for family members who wish to stay overnight. The guest rooms have two single beds.  We charge £25 per room per night. Booking of guest rooms can only be requested by tenants, so please ask your resident family member to apply for this on your behalf if you need it.

How much would I need to do for my family member when they live with you?

The main obligation we ask of our tenants is that they keep the interior of their flat in good and clean condition and to decorate all internal parts of the premises as often as is necessary to keep them in good decorative order. If you want to help your family member with that we’re sure they won’t argue!

Think of our relationship with our tenants as much the same as it would be with a private landlord. We take responsibility for the exterior of our buildings, plumbing, heating and wiring within the flats and the interior communal areas.

When can I visit?

As far as MuirCroft is concerned you are welcome to visit anytime, there are no visiting hours or other restrictions, it’s entirely down to you and your family member as to how you spend time together.

What do I do if I have concerns for my family member?

MuirCroft have a full complaints procedure, you can read the full detail here. Your first point of contact for any issues should be your scheme manager, they are in closest touch with all our tenants day-to-day. Any concerns or complaints that can’t be resolved with them can be escalated to our Housing Manager and upwards from there to our CEO or Board of Management if appropriate.

Guest bedroom at Priest Croft
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