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Gardens at Priest Croft
What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered Housing is a type of development that consists of self-contained flats with communal facilities. MuirCroft Housing Association operate 102 flats across two such developments, Muir House in Dibden Purlieu and Priest Croft in Blackfield, part of the Waterside area of Southampton. Each site has well cared for gardens and communal areas such as a lounge and a laundry room.

What are the benefits/advantages of sheltered housing?

Sheltered Housing is ideal for people over 60 who want a balance between retaining an independent life with the reassurance of having help and facilities close by, if needed, as well as a community to avoid feeling lonely and isolated.

That’s not to say anyone has community forced upon them, quite the opposite, MuirCroft residents are able to live the life of their choice and engage with the community as much or as little as they wish.

What is the difference between sheltered housing and a care home?

In a sheltered housing development residents have their own flat, their own front door and freedom to come and go as they please. Most of our flats are one bedroom, with a few bedsits.

Unlike a care home, MuirCroft does not have staff or facilities to provide personal or medical care to residents. Our scheme managers’ remit is limited to being on hand for advice and to look after building maintenance and our residents’ safety and security. Any care requirements you have will need to be organised independently.

Can I live in sheltered housing and have carers in to help me?

Yes, residents are free to organise care requirements as they need. Our flats are not suited to live-in carers, but there are no restrictions on your carers being able to visit you at any time. There is no requirement to tell us anything about the care you are receiving while a resident with us, but if you’re happy to share details with us then we like to know so the scheme managers understand your situation.

Are the flats only for rent or can I buy a flat?

Flats within MuirCroft’s developments can only be rented. Find out more about how rent and charges work.

Bedroom at Muircroft
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