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Garden view at Priest Croft
What are the costs of living in one of your flats?

The total cost of renting our flats is made up of two elements:

  • Monthly rental
  • Monthly service charge

The rent is based on the size of your flat (per square metre). Flat sizes vary between:

  • Muir House studio flats – between 30 – 38 sqm
  • Muir House one bedroom flats – between 35 – 55.2 sqm
  • Priest Croft flats – between 34.6 – 52.4 sqm

As general guidance our rents in 2019 vary based on size between £330 and £445 per month.

Service charges are a largely fixed cost per flat (heating can vary a little) but as general guidance our charges in 2019 are within the range of £147 – £175 per month.

Are there any benefits available to help with the costs?

Yes, some of our costs can be covered by housing benefits (others are not applicable). Rent and services are eligible for Housing Benefit, but support, water and heating are not.

Council tax is also the tenants responsibility (our flats are all in Council Tax band A)

So if you get some form of housing benefit currently then that may cover some of the cost of living at MuirCroft.

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